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Teachers Were Asked, “What’s the Funniest Answer You’ve Gotten from a Student That Technically Wasn’t Wrong?”

Teachers Were Asked, “What’s the Funniest Answer You’ve Gotten from a Student That Technically Wasn’t Wrong?”

Kids can sometimes make very reasonable arguments for something completely insane that is technically true, but not exactly how it works. Like how banging two sticks together must keep monsters away because, well, do you see any monsters here?

Teachers were asked for the funniest answers they received from their students that weren’t technically incorrect, and they certainly didn’t disappoint! Here are the best responses.

  I asked ‘when is a time you have used integrity?’
He wrote down ‘I wash my hands after going to the bathroom, even if no one is in there’ -adjer

  My sweet little 7-year-olds overheard a 5th grade boy say “Don’t be fucking stupid” to his friend. They look up at me, eyes wide, and say, “Oooohhh, he said ‘stupid!'”comanecisalto

  “Why are you late?”
“The bell went off before I got here.”KontraKode

  In grade 9 English we were studying The Hobbit. Our bonus question for the test was “What word does Gollum never say?” The answer of course was “I”, but one kid put down “pumpernickel” and the teacher was like… fuck. You’re right. Have a mark.Frivolouscake

The assignment was “Write the following numbers in all letters”
The kid answered:
3: four
15: sixteen
21: twenty-two
And so on. I gave him full points.yadoya

  Phys. Ed teacher here – I always wear shorts teaching. Parent-teacher conferences roll around, grade 1 student comes up to me with her parents – “Mr. Famous1187, I’ve never seen you wear pants before”. I’ve never responded quicker to a comment before in my life to clear that up.Famous1187

  College professor, teaching developmental psychology. At the end of the semester, I asked all the students to write down the most interesting or important thing they learned. One wrote, “Babies are stupid and old people still have sex.” It’s not wrong.nezumipi

  I worked in a special needs class for a year and there was the one kid with a textbook case of Asperger Syndrome. Very bright, very tough nut to crack. I tried to tell him a corny joke once and he was not having it.
“Why did the chicken cross the road?”
“He likely had business over there or was compelled by force.” scotthferris

  “What side of the road do people in France drive on?”
“Miss, they drive on both sides.”Batman_00

I guess guy

  In a class that deals with electricity, I asked the students to name a good conductor.
“Leonard Bernstein”babaoryan

  Name two ways to determine the height of a building using a barometer that is exactly one meter long:
1) Take the barometer to the top of the building, drop it, and time how long it takes to hit the ground.
2) Find the owner of the building and say: “Hey – I have this really awesome barometer I’ll give you if you tell me how tall your building is.”FourOneNiner

  In 7th grade on a test the question said “Why do some people see some technology as positive, and others see the same technology as a problem?” and a kid simply put, “Because some people are Amish.”stinkyrossignol

  “where was JFK shot?”
“in the head” (Instead the intended answer of “Dallas”)SatanMakesABlogPost

  I wrote an exam where the question was “Can you name three models of DNA replication?”
she wrote, “No.”jmeeezy

  I’ve got a story from my fiancee’s childhood. They were testing her intelligence or awareness, and showed her an image with a tv in a room. The tv was turned on, showing a cartoon, and had a plant on top of it.
Q: What’s on the Television?
A: A plant.
Apparently she just kept insisting in utter frustration until the administrator bothered to look at the image and not the answer sheet.Egrizzzzz

  In science class in high school, our teacher was talking about electricity and lightning and the effects of being electrocuted. He asked if anyone happened to know what is the first sense you lose when struck by lightning. Without missing a beat, a girl put her hand up and answered in all honesty, “your sense of humor?” SexBadgersaurus 

“Name something living” Fox
“Name something non-living” Fox poopjourneyingnorth

  I used to teach preschool.
One time, when we were eating lunch, one little girl called another kid in the class “stupid.” A third preschooler — who was a stickler for the rules and a bit of a tattle tale — overheard and began admonishing the name caller.
“Don’t call people stupid,” she exclaimed. “Stupid is a bad word, and we don’t say bad words.”
A fourth child, Henry, overheard this announcement. Henry was always getting into trouble — the smart ones are trouble makers at that age. He was my favorite student.
He looked directly at me, raised one eyebrow and said, “Oh yeah? Bitch and fuck are bad words too. We don’t say those either.”
I died.ur_a_fine_person

  Me: “The quiz tomorrow will be on…”
Student: “Paper!”

  I asked my students to draw a picture of a ninja chicken on an exam. One student drew nothing, and pointed out that the chicken was such an effective ninja that he was invisible. Checkmate.REricSimpson

  Art Teacher: Give me a word that describes a texture
Student: MOIST

  In nutrition class at CC, the teacher asks “what’s one of the first things you throw out of the window when you drink alcohol”, this kid just mumbles: “standards” –Mr_TubbZ

  My first grade class was learning the word powerful. Kids came up with examples of powerful things and people, like elephants and superman. Then one boy said, “babies are powerful because they can cry and get whatever they want.”Hiciao

  “Teacher, I need a pencil.”
“Where do the pencils live?” (I have a bucket of sharpened pencils for them to use.)

  I was reading through my evaluations at the end of the semester, and the last question was “Do you have any further comments?” One of my students wrote “My favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”mermaid27

  I’m a teacher, but my best answer to this is in high school, an English teacher was asking about the poetic reasoning behind why the moon is always used in a feminine context. Guy behind me says “because they’re both on a 28 day cycle?”cersei_and_jaime


Source: Reddit and Giphy

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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