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Make Adventures with LEGO DUPLO Community Reviews (PLUS GIVEAWAY)


So Many Ways to Play: Making Adventures with LEGO DUPLO: Community Members Review

Last month, we invited 15 Mum’s Lounge community members to review LEGO DUPLO with their children. We are sharing their reviews in a 4 part series with this being the final review of the series.

LEGO DUPLO presents children with limitless play options, and allows them to play & explore, build stories, create & share and make adventures.

Our fourth group of parents share their thoughts and experiences with LEGO DUPLO:

Reviewer: Ashleigh, Elanora, QLD

To imagine is to broaden the mind, think outside the box … and that is exactly what my children were able to do while playing with LEGO DUPLO!

It’s started off by looking at the box & deciding what we were going to build first.

“Wow mummy look what’s on here” (pointing at the police car on the front of the LEGO DUPLO box).
Throughout our week of playing my two boys (aged 1 & 3) were able to take LEGO DUPLO to a whole new level.

We began by adding a prop to our imaginary LEGO DUPLO play. A car mat!

LEGO DUPLO create ashleigh


This is the great thing about LEGO DUPLO it can be taken anywhere & can be used for anything. Today we used the police car as a fire engine & the police station as a shop! We used a couple of pieces to create a person & our imaginary play was well into gear!

We were able to take the LEGO DUPLO into any room & into any space to create our imaginary places & experiences!

I would recommend anyone with young children to use LEGO DUPLO!


Reviewer: Rachael, Meadowbrook, QLD

When I saw the opportunity to review LEGO DUPLO I was excited. We LOVE the endless play opportunities that toys like LEGO DUPLO offer.

My two eldest children, Michael 5yrs and Daniel 3yrs were ecstatic when I opened the parcel. Daniel started jumping around saying, “this is awesome mummy!”. We received a Jake and the Neverland Pirate set. They were only disappointed in the fact that the postman had arrived half way though lunch and they had to finish their sandwiches before they could play.

Before I had even spoken to them about the LEGO DUPLO or even opened it for that matter, they had assigned themselves ‘roles’. One child was Jake and the other Peter Pan. They quickly built the hide out, just like the one on the box and hid their characters in there away from the ticking crocodile.

The product is bright, colourful and engaging. My children immediately began to play. Although this particular LEGO DUPLO set is context specific the children were still able to expand on and add their own ideas.

Rachael Lego Duplo

We haven’t bought our boys specific LEGO DUPLO sets before, just generic building sets. The added bonus of having characters was they were able to act out what they have seen and heard on TV, this aided their imaginative play. We had a boat flying through the sky after Peter Pan had dusted it with pixie dust, a crocodile lurking through the water, an adventure through the forest looking for a gold doubloon to name a few. The LEGO DUPLO kept their attention all morning as we went on one adventure to the next.

LEGO DUPLO create rachael

LEGO DUPLO is a fantastic toy. It allows imaginative play where the children take on roles and act out various experiences which they have seen or heard. It helps develop their social skills as they negotiate those roles and communication/language skills as they interact with either their playmates or even between the characters they have invented in the game. We will defiantly be purchasing more LEGO DUPLO in the future.

Overall, a brilliant product that has captured both the kids attention and imaginations.


Reviewer: Sue, Ayr, QLD

We were given the, “My First Police Set,” of LEGO DUPLO.

We have two children – Toby, just turned two and Timothy is 10months old.

Upon receiving the LEGO DUPLO, I gave them to Toby and let him explore them on his own. I gave them to him a couple of times over the first few days and he seemed to enjoy the “new” factor. After a couple of days I came back to a very upset Toby who was crying loudly. He was squatting and pointing under his bum – he was hovering over the poor motorbike from the set…Toby was VERY upset that he couldn’t ride it! Of course we found this extremely funny!! He kept pointing at the box saying, “Bike,” and getting upset all over again and it took a couple of explanations that it wasn’t a bike for riding. Toby found the car frame and kept trying to use the round green pieces for wheels. I found the base of the car for him and he was very happy with this. As his language is developing, he likes to name lots of things, and pointed out car, wheels, lights and learnt a new word – robber, from this set.

LEGO DUPLO create sue

Toby enjoys naming the pictures on the bricks – he doesn’t know numbers yet, but identifies, cars, stars, apples, teddy (sounds like Daddy) and rabbits. He has been strong enough for a while to pull apart the LEGO DUPLO and is now co-ordinated enough to join the bricks together successfully. He did struggle with the round green blocks though – they may take some practice at getting to know how they fit.

We focused on making adventures and found that the bricks can be used for building things other than their pictured use. As Toby and Timothy grow in age, I’m sure the LEGO DUPLO will be used in stories they devise together and not merely for building. Toby makes the siren sound when he uses the police car, and especially when he sees the blue lights that go on top of it. He put the LEGO DUPLO dog on the wagon and towed it around behind the police car, which had a teddy bear block on top of it. He is not yet able to communicate to me what scenario’s he is creating, but he certainly enjoys building with the LEGO DUPLO.


Toby and his Dad regularly build with bricks together and Toby sees it as a special time he has with his Dad. Bricks are often brought out around dinner-time, when he is getting hungry and impatient for his dinner when it is not quite ready. He is extremely happy to play with the bricks with his Dad and forgets all about being “starving”.

As a Prep teacher, LEGO DUPLO is a regular part of learning through play in my classroom and I know that Toby will enjoy building with LEGO DUPLO for a number of years as my 4 and 5 year old Preppie kids still enjoyed them. Therefore, we will definitely build on his LEGO DUPLO collection over time so his creativity and learning can develop further with a wider range of bricks.


Reviewer: Judith, Mt Gambier, SA

I decided to be part of the review to try the new LEGO DUPLO products, give my girls another play option, share my thoughts with other mums and find out other mums thoughts as well.
My first thoughts on seeing the box were very positive. I love the colours, and the theme is very appropriate for my girls (cars, dog, food).

Lego duplo create judith

Play for us
– many options to set up and make various scenes (we haven’t made them all)
– we made a bed, shop, stall, built the car, built a house and tower
– pretend shopping and buying of foods
– pretending to eat the food they bought
– introducing colours e.g. can I get a pink flower?
– building and joining bricks together in a variety of ways
– peek a boo (where is the dog hiding)
– driving the car
– putting people and bricks in the car

– great for little fingers to manipulate
– hand eye coordination
– fine motor skill development
– introducing colours
– introducing concept of shopping
– role play
– great colours
– topic of interest
– so many options to build

Overall I love the product – more LEGO DUPLO is on my list for the girls birthday!

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The Giveaway

LEGO DUPLO are giving Mums Lounge readers the chance to win this fantastic LEGO DUPLO prize packs (valued at $160).


The prize pack includes:

1 x LEGO DUPLO Creative Animals
1 X LEGO DUPLO Pater Pan’s Visit
1 x My First Police Set
1 x My First Shop

Just imagine how much fun will be had beneath the Christmas tree this year with this awesome collection of LEGO DUPLO!



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