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21 Quirky Pieces of Decor to Make Your Home as Unique as You Are

21 Quirky Pieces of Decor to Make Your Home as Unique as You Are

Our homes often reflect our personalities, they say. Whether they are bright and vibrant or muted and elegant, we love our personal spaces to be just as unique as we are.

As lovely as department store homewares are, sometimes we want something a little extra. Something quirky and offbeat. Something your mother in law hasn’t seen at Kmart for $9.

So here are 21 fun and quirky pieces of decor guaranteed to make your home just as unique are you are.

Shelf Monkeys $49.99

There are few joys in life greater than settling in with your little one to read them a story.

These monkeys bring a little bit of that joy to every moment of every day! This primate parent and little pal are looking forward to enjoying a good book wherever you decide to set them.

With crisp and clean matte white design or sleek and stylish matte black, this unique piece is versatile enough to bring joy to any room of the house.

Eli Elephant Holder $9.97

Incredibly adorable and multi-functional with a whole variety of uses, the Eli Elephant Holder from Emporium is a stylish addition to any home. Ideal for displaying artificial plants, succulents and flowers, to add more vibrancy and colours to your living space. Can also be used as a decorative pot to store your accessories, pens, miscellaneous items and more. The elephant trunk can also be used as a stand to hold and display your glasses for easy retrieval.

Moon Led Rechargeable Touch Lamp 15cm $29.99

Add the soft, magical glow of the moon to your room with the Moon Lamp, the detailed, 3D-printed globe light that looks exactly like the moon in the sky! This lamp has a touch base so you can simply touch the base to turn it on and to change colours. Switch it between white and a soft yellow!

Bacon & Egg Salt & Pepper Shaker Set $14.99

This is such an egg-cellent little salt and pepper shaker set for the dining table. The little strip of delicious crispy bacon is one shaker, and the tasty double yolk egg is another! They sit mouth-wateringly in their little toast tray for an adorably kitsch decor statement.

Mr. Jones Head Sculpture $11.95

Mr Jones is a delightful concrete sculpture that promises to sit nicely on a console side table or coffee table. How could you resist adding Mr Jones to your home?

Gold Monstera Table Lamp $149.99

Why settle for some houseplants to make your home feel like a jungle? Jazz it up with this funky table lamp!

The gold colouring will bring a little glitz and glam to your lounge or bedroom, while the leaf shaped metal shade over the top will cast dreamy shadows on the roof. It has a switch on the cord for easy access.

Home Republic Perfect Women White Body Vase $22.49 each

Featuring a speckled glaze in a matte textured finish, these shapely sculptural vases celebrate the female form. They would look great styled as is or filled with your favourite real or faux stems.

Multi-Coloured Artisan Hand-Woven Wool Wall Hanging $64.95

Measuring 90cm x 50cm, this colourful artisan hand-woven wool wall hanging is guaranteed to brighten up that empty wall in your home.

Home Republic Athena Large White Face Pot $52.49

A minimalist and sculptural face pot that features a textured matte finish. Looks great paired with a tumble of green leaves pouring out the side!

Shelf Snail Decor $39.95

This sneaky snail is creeping off the shelf so slowly he may never move!

He’s not quite dressed the part for sneaking though with metallic gold colouring or sleek & moody black colouring that will bring some serious fun to any room or bookshelf. It’s intricately textured to look like a plus size version of the real deal, and hangs gently over the edge of your shelf.

Handmade F*ck You Baby Hand Candle $44.99

This hand crafted candle is made to be a lifelike replica of a sweet little bub’s hand in a rather rude gesture! The minty green fits flawlessly with any decor and is perfect for any home.

Pete Cromer Kookaburra 9.5cm Ceramic Coasters (Set of 6) $17.70

Designed with wildlife-inspired drawing made by Pete Cromer, a contemporary Australian artist renowned for his bold art & glowing colours. These kookaburra coasters are simply lovely!

Ninja Garden Gnome $36.99

I don’t gnome about you, but I like to gnome my garden is protected from all manner of animals and creatures when the sun goes down, and there is only one man for the job: the Garden Ninja! He’s got a shovel in his hand and a ninja balaclava on his face and he isn’t afraid to use his ninja prowess to ward off dogs that like shitting on lawns, cats that like shitting on lawns, and any creature that might like to shit on your lawn, really.

Alayna 3 Hook Rattan Wall Hanger $39.95

Hang this sweet rattan wall hanger in your entry way for hats, scarves, umbrellas, or anything really!

Peter the Pelican Bowl $59.99

This unique crisp white or sleek black resin bird bowl makes an awesome statement piece in quirky homes and cosy beach shacks. Delight your visitors with this fun and fabulous piece!

Mini Cork Globe by Suck UK $99.99

Been there, done that, and looking for your next travel destination? You’ve found it! Well..sort of. This cork globe from Suck UK features an easy-to-read map that allows you to plot where you’ve been or pin-point where you want to go next!

Bronze Gorilla Statue $54.95

This bronze-coloured polyresin gorilla statue will add a touch of beauty to your space as he stares protectively from your bookshelf or coffee table.

I Athena Goddess Cement Ornament $54.95

This cement statue could be any of us as we stretch every morning before our coffee! She sits 24cm tall and would make an ideal piece for a side table.

Florino Flexible Friendly Flower Vase $29.99

This friendly flower vase can’t wait to find a new home with you! He’s a simple silicone in Stone or Peach colour which will go well in any room, and his arms and legs can be moved around to suit your mood. Pose him to wave at your mates, demurely cross his leaf-hands, or swing one leg off the shelf. You can even loop his limbs to make him hang off a basket!

2 Piece Mother & Child Giraffe Ornament Set $29.95

What could be cuter on your side table than these two adorable mother and child giraffes?

Black Roaring Hippo Bookend Set $59.95

This matte black resin set of bookends will look charming on a bookshelf in any room. Roar!


Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps to pay the running costs for our website and the wages of our work-from-home writers, who are parents, just like you.

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Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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