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How to Turn Your Outdoor Space into Your Happy Place on a Budget

How to Turn Your Outdoor Space into Your Happy Place on a Budget

It’s been a tough month.

There has been so much going on at the moment with the frantic rush to finish year 12 with the older two girls, the mad rush to achieve anything for the younger girls and work as usual is just asking for more and more. Add to that the madness of Christmas and the strain of home reno projects I am just about at the end of my tether!

Tuesday morning, I got up early because my brain was going into overload and I just couldn’t sleep. I made myself a cup of tea and stepped out into the garden for a moments peace before the hectic day began.

That didn’t work.

I looked at the garden that has been trashed by the renos, and the eight 10-year-olds that were in the pool last night ‘discussing homework’ and all I saw was a heap more jobs that I had to do.

Not exactly restful thoughts!

As soon as I dropped the kids off to school I drove right down to Cheap as Chips for something to lift my spirits. There is always something new and exciting that will just give me a boost and not cost an arm and a leg. A candle, pretty note pads, fruit chocs, tasty American crisps…there really is so much there that can brighten your day for only a dollar or two.

This  time my mission was to create a special place in my garden for me to get my head right. Something that would sooth me so I don’t go postal on someone!

I strolled through the shop gathering things that I thought might cheer other people up and finally noticed the huge specials sign in the cushion area!!



I have found the cutest cushions EVER!

They will create a calm space for me to relax in the morning but also brighten up the rather crappy swing seat that we have had for years.


Best of all, these blue cushions are made for outdoors so the kids can’t trash them when they get out the pool and sloth on the swing seat! One less worry for me!

So this morning was the first opportunity I has to go out and actually put out my new treasure and I must say it felt really good to sit out there and watch the sun flow across the garden in the morning light.


My daughter even brought me a cup of tea and said I looked pretty! Perhaps my frown lines had relaxed too!

Either way I think that for an investment of $8 each these cushions might actually save my sanity from now to Christmas, that and the reserved sign on my chair!

Go and do it for yourself, or for the ‘house’ if you feel you need to justify it, you are brightening up your garden for the summer and giving yourself a little boost!

It really is amazing how something so simple can make a difference to your day. I can now say it and mean it, I am going to my happy place!

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