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Bride Gets Wedding Photographer Fired After Flashing Her Guests All Day Long

Bride Gets Wedding Photographer Fired After Flashing Her Guests All Day Long

You know, it’s not too much to ask that any vendors you hire for our wedding day stick to a professional dress code. No matter what their job is, caterer, bar staff, event planner or wedding photographer, their role is to blend into the background to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

This wasn’t the case for one bride, though, who found her photographer wearing something entirely inappropriate for any professional event.

Sharing her story with Reddit’s Am I The Asshole forum, the new bride explained how her photographer flashed her wedding guests all day long.

“I got married two months ago, was a moderate affair, open bar, nice dress, no kids at a slightly more upscale place than I would have liked but I guess you only live once,” she began.

“We hired a photographer through a company, a midsized place that assigned you an employee. We met with her a few times to go over expectations, venues, etc. No red flags, nothing weird.

“Day of the wedding she shows up in a sheer white blouse with lace, completely see-through, with no bra.”

“I noticed, my husband noticed, everyone noticed. I, and most of my guests, just spent the evening trying to look away. All through the reception, I could overhear people talking about it or joking about it. My husband and I had a good laugh about it after everything was done, just sort of a “wtf was that, did that really happen?”. I guess every wedding needs a weird story, at least mine didn’t involve a guest.”

Gosh, she handled that well! I’m not sure that I could let that go so easily on a day that should have been focused on the bride and groom!

There’s nothing wrong with going without a bra, but it would be inappropriate for a photographer of any gender to wear a revealingly sheer top to a wedding with nothing underneath.

The bride continued to explain that once she received the photography package, she was happy with the results and left it at that. But then one of those automated surveys hits her inbox asking for feedback, so she went ahead and let them know about all the nips on display that day.

“Overall I rated them well and even rated the photographer well except for the professional category, I gave a 3 (out of 5) and in the box filled in that I felt her clothing could be more professional. A manager called me for more clarity, I explained the outfit and said it wasn’t a big deal but wasn’t really situationally appropriate. Manager didn’t say much but sounded serious and thanked me for informing them.

“End of story right? Well nope. On the weekend, photographer girl shows up drunk on my lawn wearing three bras and starts screaming at my house. Long story short she was let go from her job and felt I was the person to blame. Eventually, we had to call the police to have her removed.”

Love that she turned up in three bras for her lawn tantrum! Seems she did learn to dress appropriately for the occasion after all!


Source: Giphy and Reddit/AITA

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Jill Slater

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