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International “Wellness Guru” Set to Tour Australia Spreading Anti-Vax Message

International “Wellness Guru” Set to Tour Australia Spreading Anti-Vax Message


Self-proclaimed “rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity universe”, David “Avocado” Wolfe, is set to tour Australia spreading his anti-vax message far and wide, with events scheduled for Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Byron Bay throughout March.

Health experts and parents throughout the Byron Shire are concerned that this event, which promises Wolfe will “give Byron Bay the latest download on “how the world really works” will provide a platform to further mislead parents on the issue of vaccination.

The Byron Shire is already home to the lowest immunisation rates in the country, and there are legitimate fears that this renowned “flat Earther” (I kid you not, dude actually believes the earth is flat) will reinforce the anti-vaccination message held by his followers.

Only 46% of five-year-olds in Mullumbimby, and 61% of Byron Bay children are fully vaccinated compared to the national average of 92%.


Alison Gaylard, co-founder of the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters group based in Mullumbimby said “the area was a magnet for conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine advocates who are embraced by a community that prides itself on being alternative, if not misinformed.”

“He is a well-known anti-vaxxer and in among his inspirational memes thousands share on Facebook, he also posts misinformation about vaccination and people like Wolfe are drawn to this area for that reason, they find the echo chamber they need,” Ms Gaylard said.

Fantastic. /s

The Australian Government has been known to revoke the visas of unsavoury preachers wanting to rock on up in our country to spread malicious content. Remember when Immigration minister Scott Morrison revoked pick up artist Julien Blanc’s visa in 2014? This twat was teaching men how to pick up women using force and emotional abuse. Australia said no, and he was promptly kicked out of the country.

The same should happen to this deluded peanut, in the name of public safety. Get on it, Peter Dutton. Do something useful for Australia for once.

I’m all for free speech — until it endangers the health and well being of our most vulnerable community members.

Ms Gaylard and the NRVS agrees that this man is a walking talking public health issue, and has sent an open letter to the host of the upcoming seminar, Jing Organics, requesting they not provide a venue for misinformation.

“Hosting anti vaccination activists in this area does nothing to help accurately inform the community about vaccines; but it does place them at risk by exposing them to falsehoods that could easily lead them to stop vaccinating themselves and their children.

We see this as a Public Health issue and ask that you support us in our efforts to prevent the spread of misinformation like that which Mr. Wolfe has spoken about in the past,” the letter read.

This guy is a grifter. A dangerous con-artist appealing to alternative folks with theories that speak to them (but not to scientists or anyone with any sort of common sense) in order to sell his products.

David also believes that chocolate is an octave of male sun energy, and this masculine octave of chocolate energy will come down from the sun and penetrate your heart.

Did we mention that he sells chocolate too?

david wolfe2
He’s also a spokesman for the NutriBullet.

I will always disagree with those that choose not to vaccinate their children. Always. But if you’re going to educate yourself before you do make that decision for your family, I implore you, don’t listen to this guy. You can do better.

He calls himself Avocado, FFS.


One comment

  1. You have to trust that people can make up their own mind. If he calls himself Avocado and praises the male energy chocolate God, then so be it. Sounds entertaining. Free speech means hands off and let the man speak and the audience think for themselves. God help us if we need government controlling absolutely everything. Vaccines are owned, promoted and muscled mafia style by big Pharma companies with criminal records. Let people research the issues and find the truth for themselves instead of shaming them to believe the populist party line. An intelligent country allows differing points of view, no matter how wacky, and intelligent debate. I prefer that any day to every bit of information being government prescribed and sanctioned.

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