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Mum Goes On A Facebook Rant About Pram Snobbery!

Mum Goes On A Facebook Rant About Pram Snobbery!

A British mum took to Facebook recently to voice her opinion about the ridiculous amount of money people spend on prams and the competition that exists between mothers as they try to out do each other!

Gylisa Jayne’s honest account of how she feels about the pressure mums put on each other has so far had over 60,000 likes. Here’s the full uncensored rant:

When I was pregnant, I gave less than half a shit about what type of pram we got. One with wheels and that went along was all I cared about.

Ryan promised he would be the one pushing it anyway –

( I was going through the ‘ I want this baby out of me and away from me’ stage at this point, I’ll admit.)

So it just sort of became his job to find what prams were best, and I felt he would do us well with his choice.

Turns out Pram Envy is a ‘thing’, cos every where we went, Ryan would gawp at people’s choice of pram.

I hadn’t noticed prams before, or even really cared. But now I was introduced to the world of Pram Snobbery.

I mean, no one wants to be pushing around a ‘Ladybird’ pram when you could have a fucking Quinny 3?!

What you chose to lay your child in, regardless of potential Poo-namis or not – was important. Obviously.

So we went to Mothercare a few weeks before D Day – and had a look around the prams in there.

I discovered two things that day –

1- First, that there’s a reason the floor in Mothercare is ‘wipe clean’ and it has nothing to do with children/babies. No no no….

It’s because when you see the price that they are charging for a baby carrier, your excitement for the future literally drops out of your arsehole.

2 – Secondly, I learnt that everyone else is either way richer than me, or it’s just normal for a pram to cost more than we’ve ever spent on a fucking CAR.

I read the specifications on those things, and apparently for a pram that costs the best part of a thousand pounds – it won’t change a nappy, drive itself, or be worth anything as an heirloom.

What the actual fuck.

Anyway, fast forward a year or so – and we got a second hand pram.

She grew out of that, so we decided to take the plunge and buy an actual Shop Bought Pram. ( They had a special buys offer in Aldi ?

After parting with a solid £40, I was excited to join the ‘New Pram’ club.  Yes, everyone else’s was worth at least 10x what mine was… But mine actually came out of a BOX this time, and not off a car boot stall for a tenner…

Needless to say, the excitement didn’t last long.

And do you know why ?

Because no one tells you, when you are parting with your ( or someone else’s) hard earned cash..

That you can have the Top of the Range, Ferrari-equivalent, Needed a loan for, flashiest pram in the whole world…

But when they can walk, will they sit in it ?

Will they f**k.

Jayne’s post struck a chord with many of her followers who admitted they too felt pressured to buy an expensive pram just like their girlfriends.

“You’re so jealous of seeing everybody else’s prams. They’re so nice. People are so proud of their prams like how people are proud when they have a nice car.”

Some of the 8000 Facebook comments included:

“I got roped into pram snobbery by my partner,” wrote one mum. “£1500 pounds later we have a Recaro pram with lights.”

“Ours was £800 and now I can’t sell it on!” said another. “No one wants a second-hand pram and yet it’s got so many features!”

“I bought mine off a friend of a friend for £10 in 2009 and it lasted really well but the amount of criticism I got for doing that was ridiculous!” added a mum of two.

We’re not immune to pram snobbery either here in Australia. Just this year hundreds of expectant parents put their names down to be amongst the first to own a $2,800 Cyber Priam pram which features gold wings on the side. PR mogul Roxy Jacenko was pictured pushing her son Hunter around in one (see below) a few months ago as has fashion blogger Rozalia Russian (see below). The Cyber Priam has quickly become THE pram to be seen with.

Pram snobbery wasn’t even a thing until 15 years ago with the introduction of the Bugaboo pram. Once a few celebrities were seen pushing one it quickly became one of the most coveted baby items for expectant couples worldwide. Up until then we were all happy to pick up a pram or stroller from our local Kmart or Target stores!

Yesterdays family photo… Us and our future son in law ??? @janescandizzo @joeyscandizzo @nick_russian #willowandjagger

A post shared by Rozalia Russian (@rozalia_russian) on

Jayne says that parents aren’t even buying the prams because of their amazing features. They are simply keeping up with their mummy friends in a bid to look cool. Jayne continues by explaining babies are just as happy in a $100 pram as they are in a more expensive one.

“My baby doesn’t care what she’s in. It’s purely for the parents,” she says.

Made it 500m to the coffee shop and then needed to walk back home for a nap ?

A post shared by Rozalia Russian (@rozalia_russian) on

What do you think? Are prams worth that much money? How much did you spend on your baby’s pram?


Photos: Facebook and Instagram

Chrystal Lovevintage

Chrystal Lovevintage

Chrystal is a writer and blogger who loves nothing more than watching back to back episodes of crime shows. Should she ever find herself needing to cover up a crime, she'll know exactly what to do! Her dream is to one day live in Palm Springs where she can do her writing poolside while drinking endless gin and tonics. Mum to the cutest twin boys in the world, she loves nothing more than the sound of their laughter (usually heard when they're conspiring against her). Entertainment writer and pop culture junkie, she will be bringing you all the celebrity gossip and news that your brain can handle. You can follow her blog at and on Instagram at Chrystalovevintage


  1. Here’s a thought, just buy the bloody pram that suits your needs. Don’t even look at the price until you know what you want it to do, do you need a compact fold to fit it in your car? Big wheels for off-road walks? Big basket for walking to the supermarket? Will you need to add a second seat later on? Is it easy for you to push/steer? Comfortable handle for your height? Can you clip a capsule straight on? Nothing else matters!!!! Get the pram for you, not the pram your friends or some dickhead celebrity has.

  2. Steph I couldn’t agree more – I don’t think there’s that much pram envy but I know for a fact my friends recommended prams that they found the best to do the job. And I made up my own mind. I think because it’s expensive ppl think it’s a competition rather than actually knowing what they need/want. I have a double city select that is now too big for what I need so am looking at smaller single ones and if it suits the size I need I’ll buy regardless of how cool/ price tag.

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