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Mum Who Accidentally Mooned Everyone At Daughter’s Sports Carnival Speaks Out

Mum Who Accidentally Mooned Everyone At Daughter’s Sports Carnival Speaks Out


A mum took embarrassing her child to the next level by accidentally mooning the entire crowd during a sports day at her daughter’s school. She was running a race with the other parents when she tripped and went A over T exposing her G-string to a shocked but amused crowd. How mortifying!

Katie Hannaford, 36, says her 8 year old daughter begged her to take part in the school sports day although she’s probably majorly regretting the decision now.

While the mum says she was completely mortified at first she is now able to see the whole thing as ‘hilarious’.

“I’m not sporty at all, but my daughter kept begging me,” she said. “In the end I agreed to the race – I knew I’d come last.”


Katie explained: “I just tripped over my own feet – I think my body was just moving too fast for my legs! I’m so clumsy, I’m always falling over.

I was humiliated at the time, but it is what it is! I flashed my underwear which is obviously embarrassing but you just have to own it.

Looking back, it’s hilarious – definitely the funniest thing I’ve ever done in my life!”

After she got over the initial shock, Kate even shared the clip to Facebook saying: “When the kids got more at sports day than they were expecting! Haha.

If you can’t laugh at yourself then what’s life about ay! Sorry kiddo’s and anyone else watching!”

The race seemed to be getting off to a good start but just moments later Katie trips headfirst into the grass, exposing her nearly bare butt in the air for a few seconds. She quickly realises and covers herself up again but not before the crowd had a chance to see what had happened.

In fact, in the background, a number of kids can be seen with their mouths wide open in horror and amusement at the poor mum’s misfortune. It didn’t take long for the post to go viral with many commenters saying how much they could relate and sympathise with Kate.

“I think this is a ‘crack’ing good effort posting this and a great view for the kids,” wrote one, while another added: “Omg Katie more I watch it more I laugh.”

One said: “I’m laughing more this morning than I was last night.”

It’s definitely one of those videos that get funnier the more you watch it. Good on Kate for being a good sport. Hahaha!

Images courtesy of: SWNS

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Chrystal Lovevintage

Chrystal is a writer and blogger who loves nothing more than watching back to back episodes of crime shows. Should she ever find herself needing to cover up a crime, she'll know exactly what to do! Her dream is to one day live in Palm Springs where she can do her writing poolside while drinking endless gin and tonics. Mum to the cutest twin boys in the world, she loves nothing more than the sound of their laughter (usually heard when they're conspiring against her). Entertainment writer and pop culture junkie, she will be bringing you all the celebrity gossip and news that your brain can handle. You can follow her blog at and on Instagram at Chrystalovevintage

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