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Wife Says Husband Expects Her To Wear Make Up Every Single Day Including Sundays

Wife Says Husband Expects Her To Wear Make Up Every Single Day Including Sundays

For over 20 years one woman has been waking up early and spending hours in the bathroom doing her hair and make up. She’s tired and has decided to take a day off and not do anything on Sundays. Her husband isn’t happy and is throwing a tantrum. He says it’s not fair that she ‘changes things in the middle of the game.’ What do you think?

Writing into Slate’s Dear Prudence advice column the woman says, “I’m tired of it, so I recently stopped doing it on Sundays.” Except now her husband has thrown a fit and says he’s unhappy with her decision to give up make up one day a week.

According to the woman, for 22 years she’s been waking up early each and every morning, showering, shaving her legs, and spending nearly an hour putting on makeup and fixing her hair. Understandably she says she wants to take it easy on Sundays. It doesn’t mean she’s out there looking like a dog’s breakfast, she just cuts back on her daily maintenance.

Her Sunday routine now involves quickly slapping on some moisturiser, throwing her hair into a ponytail, and wearing a track suit. Even though she admits that even on her most dressed down days she still  looks “better than half the women I encounter out and about in public.” Her husband disagrees.

“I have no intention of stopping doing all of the stuff I’ve usually done the other six days a week,” the woman wrote. “I’m just tired of wasting all that time on it when we historically do nothing more than a little yard work or possibly a trip to the grocery store.”

He says that he still showers and shaves most days. And he only gave up shaving on the weekends because his wife said his stubble was sexy. Plus he doesn’t think it’s fair for his wife to stop doing something she’s always done.

“He says it’s not fair of me to change things in the middle of the game like this,” the wife says. “I say it’s not fair of him to expect me to tart myself all up every. single. day. Who is right here?”

People had a LOT of opinions in the comments section. And not surprisingly the majority were in support of the wife and her decision to pare back her beauty routine.

“Sounds like you have some problems with your spouse,” one person wrote. “He should love and care for you whether you have makeup on or not.”

“This is why I have deliberately never set too high a bar with makeup,” wrote another. “I’m 41 and I’ve worn, at most, something to make my oily skin more matte, some tinted sunscreen, maybe a quick puff of more matte powder over the top, filled in my eyebrows and mascara … It’s just not worth it.”

“It’s actually better for your skin to not shower every day, for one,” a third added. “Two, I’d be like ‘I’ll start wearing make up every day if you do.'”

While others thought the wife knew what she was getting into so really had no grounds to complain, plus they said she came across conceited herself.

“I am having a little bit of trouble mustering much sympathy for [her],” one person commented. “She has been partnered with this man for 22+ years, and she’s shocked (shocked I tell you!) that he’s fixated on her appearance? Yes, he sounds absolutely dreadful and shallow, but I’m guessing this is not a new development. If one chooses to leg shackle oneself to a shallow person, one should probably expect this sort of nonsense.”

“Also, she sounds pretty shallow herself, by saying “I still think I look better than half the women I encounter out and about in public.”

“YIKES!” the commenter added. “Sounds very judgmental of the appearances of other women. Most of us probably fail to meet her exacting standard of hygiene and grooming and might even fall into the category of ‘total slob’ that she assures Prudie she never enters, even on Sundays.”

“I dunno, lady,” the person concluded — “live by the sword, die by the sword.”

“I have a hard eye roll every time I see ‘husband won’t let me,'” another caddied. “He isn’t your father and you are not 4. If he wants to whine on Sundays, let him know that he can find somewhere else to sleep or you will … You are your own person.”

While one woman summed up saying,  “I’m having a hard time mustering a lot of sympathy for her, due to the fact that she seems very interested, even at what must be a reasonably mature age, in comparing herself to other women who are just going about their daily business. Honey, we don’t get tarted up to drop by Office Depot or pick up a prescription at CVS. We have LIVES.”

Images: Slate and Pixabay

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