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Woman Is Mortified To Learn Her Partner Wants To Name Their Baby After A ‘Racist’ Colour!

Woman Is Mortified To Learn Her Partner Wants To Name Their Baby After A ‘Racist’ Colour!

A woman who decided to let her partner name their baby if it was a boy regrets her decision big time! Now her partner wants to name their baby after a colour and she’s afraid it will come across as racist. Do you agree?

“I stupidly made a deal with them where they got to name our child if it’s a boy, I get to name it if it’s a girl (I know, I f’d up),” Penny writes on Reddit.

“Well, we are having a boy and the names my partner is coming up with are… not for me. I have managed to convince them to forget the deal we made so at least that element is gone BUT this does still mean they seem to have a little more say than I do in the situation,” she explains.

“Anyway, the name they are really eager to use is ‘Black’. We both want something a bit different without being too hippy-dippy and this is the outcome. My partner wants to name our baby Black”

Penny goes on to say that while she definitely wanted a different sounding name, black was not what she had in mind.

“Their reasoning is something along the lines of: colours as names are already a thing (e.g. Violet, Blue) and black is just a cool colour. They just think it sounds cool really.  I think it’s a bit odd as we are both white. It just seems to me like, yeah it’s a colour, but it’s more than that – it’s a race and race is pretty sensitive topic.”

Her partner can’t see what all the fuss is about and thinks it’s a really cool name.

“They think this is crazy logic, that it has nothing to do with race and making it about race is absurd. FWIW we are not American so race isn’t this huge deal like it is over there,” she says.

“Just to clarify – we will not name our child anything we don’t both agree on, but this convo has now become more about whether or not the name is just a colour or something more charged and neither of us can really see the other’s perspective.”

As expected, the post drew a lot of comments from Redditors who agreed it was not the best idea to name their child Black.

“Don’t name your white kid Black. American or not. It’s tone deaf and not cool. As a teacher, I will tell you now, your kid will HATE you because all his classmates with HATE him and terrorise him,” one wrote.

“He will cut all contact with you the day he turns 18 and will change his name to Michael on the same day. Give him a ‘cool’ name but a name that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have yourself.”

“He’d have to change his name by the time he reaches school age, or else spend his life being accused of making a racist joke. I don’t have high hopes for a partner would start out by being so cruel to the child before he’s even born.”

While others tried to be helpful and give alternative to black names for the couple to use.

“Jett, Coal, Ebony, Sable, Night Slate, Onyx, Shadow, Obsidian,” one offered.

“Noctis is Latin for Night, but I’d go fishing for better ideas. Jett could work, even if the plane jokes are low hanging fruit,” said another.

What do you think? Is Black an appropriate name for a white child?


Images: Pixabay


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