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WATCH: Britax KidGuard PRO Booster Seat Review

WATCH: Britax KidGuard PRO Booster Seat Review


The summer school holidays invariably mean that many families will be spending more time in their cars in the coming weeks. Whether it’s a long family road trip or shorter excursions to local beaches or attractions, having our children home from school for six weeks usually involves us strapping them into the car more than usual. That’s why this is the perfect time for us to remind parents about the importance of using the correct child safety seats. It’s a worrisome fact that many parents move their child into a booster seat or out of a booster seat before it is safe to do so.

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With so many different products on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to purchasing your child’s booster seat. But doing your homework really is key.

Britax recently invited Mum’s Lounge Dad, Alex Shepherd and his family to review their newly launched booster seat, the Kid Guard PRO™ which features their innovative life-saving device the SecureGuard™. Alex and his wife have been actively researching booster seats for their growing child and very much in the headspace to review the newly launched Kid Guard PRO™; they were really impressed with all of the safety features, the ease of use, and the comfort provided for his daughter.

Check out exactly what Alex thought of the Kid Guard PRO™ in the video below.


Suitable for children between the age of 4 – 10 year old (approx.), the Kid Guard PRO™ is an expandable booster seat with 9 height adjustments for the RRP of $399! 

Britax Kid Guard PRO™

Britax is the number 1 brand in car seat safety technology leading the world with innovative car seats, strollers and travel systems. The latest safety innovation from Britax called the SecureGuard™ is an easy to use Britax patented feature that ensures the vehicle seat belt is properly positioned on your child’s hips, minimising the risk of abdominal injury during a crash and preventing them from sliding under the seat belt. Whereas booster seats ordinarily offer 3 points of contact, the SecureGuard™ provides the vital  4th point that sits between the child’s legs securing the seat belt in the correct position, whilst also allowing your child adequate wriggle room whilst on the move.

In the event of a collision a lap belt that is improperly positioned across a child’s abdomen can cause serious injuries, including injuries to internal organs that can’t always be diagnosed immediately and can be life-threatening. The SecureGuard™ anti-submarining device ensures that the seat belt is secured across the strong bones of the pelvis rather than the abdomen.

The SecureGuard™ anti-submarining device is also available on Britax’s popular booster seats including the Hi-Liner™, Maxi Lite™, Tourer™ and the newly launched Kid Guard PRO™.

In addition to the innovative life-saving SecureGuard™ anti-submarining device, the Kid Guard PRO™ also features expandable side wings to deliver lateral support ensuring your child’s body is sitting upright, providing a safer seat belt and is equipped with Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT™) to maximise your child’s head protection in the event of a side impact collision. The expandable seat design allows parents to adjust the height of the seat as their child grows – a feature that offers increased safety and value for money.

The compact slim-line base also makes the Kid Guard PRO™ an excellent option for parents with multiple child seats in their car, and it can be easily transferred into a friend or family members care as and when needed. The built in sash guide ensures ease of use regardless of who is fitting it.

The Kid Guard PRO™ also includes their deluxe Thermo5™ fabric made with Bamboo Charcoal which means your child will travel in quality and comfort. (And we may even get a little peace!)

IMPORTANT: All car seats must be labelled with an Australian Standard sticker for the standard AS/NZS 1754. It is one of the most stringent child restraint standards in the world. All car restraints sold in Australia must comply with the standards that cover materials, design, construction, performance, testing and labelling.

For more safety information or additional information on the baby seats, boosters and travel systems available visit








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