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The 10 Biggest Myths About How to Fall Pregnant

The_10_Biggest_Myths_About_How_To_Fall_Pregnant 1

Are you trying to fall pregnant (or perhaps trying to avoid falling pregnant!)? Here we have debunked the 10 biggest myths about getting pregnant…


You can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding

This is a super common myth that has been around forever. Truth is, while you do have a reduced chance of falling pregnant while breastfeeding, it’s still possible!


Doing a handstand or lifting your legs in the air will help you fall pregnant

This myth is based largely on the idea of gravity and that by lifting your legs in the air, the sperm will have a better chance of meeting up with the egg! So no, unless you’re a gymnast and feel like doing a few handstands after sex, the research shows that it won’t increase your chance of falling pregnant.


If you have sex everyday you’ll fall pregnant

This myth is definitely not true! Having sex daily will actually reduce the volume of your partner’s sperm! If you’re trying to fall pregnant, you’re much better off having regular sex just before you ovulate (you can use an at-home ovulation kit to find out when you’re about to ovulate).


You’ll fall pregnant as soon as you stop using birth control

Nope! While many women do fall pregnant soon after stopping birth control, for others it may take a lot longer. For some women, it may also take a while to get their cycle back on track after stopping birth control.


If you and your partner are fit and healthy, you’ll get pregnant straight away

While being a healthy weight and exercising regularly will help your chances of falling pregnant, there are many men and women out there who experience fertility problems even though they’re super fit and healthy. Remember there are so many factors that play a role in fertility, including genetics and hormones.


I’m young so I’ll get pregnant easily

Being young certainly helps to increase your chance of falling pregnant, but many young women also experience fertility problems. So if you’ve got age on your side, that’s great, but don’t take it as a guarantee that you’ll get pregnant straight away.


Some sex positions increase your chance of falling pregnant

Feel free to convince your partner of this myth if you like, but the truth is, different sex positions make no difference when it comes to baby-making!


You can’t get pregnant while you have your period

You do have a reduced chance of falling pregnant while you have your period, but it’s still possible! Many women have fallen pregnant while they have their period, so unless you want a little bub running around, don’t risk it!


Cough syrup will help you fall pregnant

Back in the 80’s, people believed that drinking cough syrup would help you fall pregnant. Myth totally debusted! The only thing that a bottle of cough medicine is going to help, is your annoying chesty cough.


If you have sex 14 days after your period you’ll get pregnant

Unless you have an absolutely perfect cycle, this method really isn’t going to help you fall pregnant! A much better way to know when you’re at your most fertile is to use an at-home ovulation kit that measures your luteinising hormone. Remember every person is different and day 14 is not always going to be an accurate indicator of your ‘fertile window’.


What is the craziest pregnancy myth you’ve ever heard?


Lucy Mathieson

Lucy Mathieson

Lucy is a trained primary school teacher with a passion for baking. Lucy began her blog, Bake Play Smile, in 2013 and it has since grown into one of Australia’s most recognised food blogs. Bake Play Smile is all about fun, food and happiness. Lucy’s recipes have earned national acclaim through a number of awards and publications. She was a winner of the 2015 Best Recipes ‘Home Cook Hero’ competition in Super Food Ideas magazine, a Top 5 Finalist for the 2014 Mamamia Food Blogger Competition, a Top 5 Food Blogger on Every Recipe, and a Kidspot “Voices of 2014″ nominee.

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