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The Top Ten Most Annoying People on Buy, Sell and Swap Pages


The Top Ten Most Annoying People on Buy, Sell and Swap Pages

It’s one of the best things about the internet – the ability to sell off your old junk to make some spare cash. And on the other side of the coin, someone is always selling the very thing you’ve been looking for – who needs big retailers when you can find all the bargains online!

Gumtree, eBay and Facebook’s Buy, Sell and Swap groups have been thriving on other people’s crap for more than a decade. I even ran an eBay store for the better part of ten years, offloading all sorts of things. Now that I scour Facebook for a good deal, I’ve realised that I’m running into the same types of people, over and over again.

Here they are, the most annoying people we come across on those Buy, Sell and Swap pages. Do you know any of these?

1. The Bargainer

This person always has the nerve to make an offer that is way under asking price. So far under, that it is too insulting to even bother with a counter offer, all this person gets is swiftly blocked.

“$100 for sofabed? I’ll give you $20 for it.”

2. The Silent Type

This one is a massive pain in the arse. After successfully winning the item, they suddenly drop off the face of the planet, and no amount of messaging will bring them back until you’ve finally given up on them and sold the item to someone else.

“I want this! When can I come pick it up?”
“Sending you a PM now.”
*no answer*
“Do you still want this? I sent you a PM yesterday.”
*no answer*
“It’s been three days, are you still interested?”
*no answer*
“Last call! I’m moving on to the next person if I don’t hear back from you today.”
*two days after the sale to someone else is finalised*
“Is this still available? I really want it!”

3. The Secret Service

Everything is secretive with this seller. Since when is the price of a few board games and some second-hand clothes a matter of national security? Why can’t we know how much they’re asking? Who cares enough to bother?

“PM me for price”
*scrolls on by*

4. The Difficult-To-Pleaser

This one is never happy, no matter what you do. Generally, you can see them coming a mile away and can avoid dealing with them if at all possible. Nothing is ever good enough for The Difficult-To-Pleaser, even if the item is brand new. They always assume you have as many variations in size and colour as their local boutique and expect their item to be in pristine condition, even if you clearly state that is second hand.

“You said these were in Excellent Used Condition but there is small mark inside the waistband.”
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t see that when I made the listing. Nevermind, you can’t see that when you’re wearing it anyway.”
“They are also slightly faded.”
“Well, they are second hand and you only paid $10 for them.”
“I’d like a refund.”

6. The Over-Pricer

The Over-Pricer has no concept of value. This person sells second-hand children’s t-shirts for $7 apiece when they are $3 brand new at Best and Less. They have a collection of free supermarket magazines listed for $10. The Over-Pricer is also extremely firm on their prices, believing their shit is more valuable than everyone else’s.

“$90 for a two-year-old Leap Pad? You can buy them brand new for $65 and they are the latest version!”
“This Leap Pad cost $150, this is a very good deal.”

5. The Reading Impaired

Uggh, this one does my head in. You spend time on your listing, carefully noting all the important details so everyone is fully aware what they are bidding on. Then this nuffy comes along…

“How much?”
“What size?”
“18 months.”
“What kind of condition are they in?”
“Any stains, tears or rips?”
“How many outfits are there?”

You get the impression that if this continues, this person could turn into The Difficult-To-Pleaser.

7. The Liker

We don’t know all that much about this character, mainly because all they ever do is Like your stuff. As soon as you post it, up pops The Liker and dutifully does her thang. Well, are you even interested? Or just playing along for shits and giggles? These people are like the mosquitoes of the reselling world. They serve absolutely no purpose and are as annoying as hell.

8. The Bumper

The Bumper is the type of seller that is so keen to offload their crap that they are there every day, writing BUMP on every single one of their items to keep them on the front page. FYI, did you know that BUMP stands for Bring Up My Post? The Bumper knows this. And you’ll be seeing their shitty wares every single day until someone buys them.


9. The Old Bait and Switcher

You gotta watch out for this one! This person is the reason why eBay has a feedback system in place. The Old Bait and Switcher finds a picture of the item they are selling, or a picture similar to the item they are selling, and uses it to advertise their item. But then when you get the item, it’s a different model to the item you thought you were getting. And a completely different colour.

10. The Mis-Representer

The Mis-Representer has no real understanding of the condition their items are in. Everything is listed as either New or As New, but in actual fact, they are not. Not even close. The Mis-Representer is a big fat liar.

“I opened the package and this jumpsuit is stained. You said this was new.”
“I don’t see how that’s possible. It’s brand new.”
“It’s clearly not new.”
“It’s brand new.”
“Repeating “it’s new” over and over again does not make it new.”
“Okay so maybe he wore it ONCE but it’s basically brand new.”
“Did you even wash it?”

Have you encountered these people, too? Do you have any to add?


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Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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