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110 Words to Use When You Don’t Want to Say Vagina

110 Words to Use When You Don’t Want to Say Vagina

This is for all the ladies that just cannot bring themselves to say the word vagina. You know for those times you HAVE to go to the doctor because that thrush infection you’ve been battling is just not going away. So instead of saying “Hey doctor, I’ve got a burning, itch happening in my vagina, can you take a look?” or being all shy and just pointing to your crotch or whispering, “down below”… you can insert any of the following words into the end of that sentence! Yeaaa (and not one of them is that four letter ‘C’ word either!)

1.   Vajayjay
2.   Fanny
3.   Gash
4.   Hoo-haw
5.   Banana Basket
6.   Panty Hamster
7.   Beef Curtains
8.   Twat
9.   Beaver
10.  Sweaty Love Box
11.  Coochie
12.  Peach
13.  Snake Pit
14.  Land Down Under
15.  Dinner
16.  Cooter
17.  Penis Fly Trap
18.  Red Snapper
19.  Trouser Trout
20.  Panty Perch
21.  Sideways Smile
22.  Cherry Pie
23.  Dick Microwave
24.  Fat Fold
25.  Weiner Wagon
26.  Pink Penis Caddie
27.  Mound
28.  Moist Monkey Mauler
29.  Devil’s Ditch
30.  Pike Purse
31.  Dick Skinner
32.  Oval Office
33.  Hallway
34.  Panty Puppet
35.  Tuna Melt
36.  Ball Backboard
37.  Chatterbox
38.  Park & Ride
39.  Slip n Slide
40.  Love Muffin
41.  Cock Cubby Hole
42.  Bone Collector
43.  Duck Billed Fatapuss
44.  Horny Hair’s Hobby Hole
45.  Penis Pinata
46.  Purple Headed Party Shack
47.  Penis Parking Lot
48.  Baby Vending Machine
49.  Glory Hole
50.  Horny Halo
51.  Right of Passage
52.  Main Vein Drain
53.  Port of Entry
54.  Erection Correction Trench
55.  Fun Bag
56.  Lovin’ Oven
57.  Next to the Butt Nut Hut
58.  Warm Apple Pie
59.  Honey Pot
60.  Whisker Bisket
61.  Snoop Nappy Snatch
62.  Misty Crevice
63.  Landing Strip
64.  Hairy Dime Slot
65.  Clam Flavored Pothole
66.  Snatch
67.  Pussy
68.  Cave of Wonders
69.  Penis Canoe
70.  Bearded Oyster
71.  Baby Cannon
72.  Hippo’s Yawn
73.  Juicebox
74.  Hand warmer
75.  Tampon Tunnel
76.  Love Canoe
77.  Bearded Clam
78.  Soft Shelled Tuna Taco
79.  Cockpit
80.  Cumdumpster
81.  Fuzzy taco
82.  Punani
83.  Finger Warmer
84.  Joy Trail
85.  Penis Coffin
86.  Velvet Lined Meat Wallet
87.  Jizz Creek
88.  Slit
89.  Cock Sheath
90.  Hot Pocket
91.  Lasagna Lips
92.  Poontang
93.  Stabbin’ Cabin
94.  Cock Holster
95.  Hatchet Wound
96.  Stinky Pinky
97.  Moose Knuckle
98.  Fetus Factory
99.  Finger Warmer
100. Anal Alternative
101. Joy Trail
102. Minge
103. Fur Burger
104. Miss Flappy
105. Mr Happy’s Flappy Garage
106. Pink Penis Cushion
107. Cum Muffler
108. Texas Tunnel
109. Front Butt
110. Hair Pie
 Have I missed any?


Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy is a married mother of three and regularly provides us with recipes and strange but true stories about her life. When she’s not here, she can also be found on her website where all her other recipes are located!


  1. Yes you have missed one, of anyone has read fifty shades of grey it makes me cringe when they say in the books that “Christian touched me on my sex.” Worst reference for vagina ever

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