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Five Tips for Photographing Newborns

Five Tips for Photographing Newborns

Want to know how to take even better photographs of your gorgeous little newborn? Award winning photographer Sandra Moffatt shares her top five tips for photography newborns. 

Less is more

Newborn bubs are hypersensitive to stroking which can cause overstimulation and distress including twisting, arching and scowling.

Less touching often leads to better results. As a solution, place your baby down when they are drowsy and allow them to settle on their own. If they don’t settle on their own, lean in and cradle bub using resting hands (do not rock, rub or stroke them).

tips for photographing newborns
Moffatt Photography

Containment holds such as cupping the feet and head work brilliantly on newborns and have shown to produce less behavioural stress and more quiet sleep. If you are not comfortable with your hand on bub’s head you can place your hand gently on their back.


Posing newborns is an artform.

Knowing where the under blanket supports go and the intricate steps required to safely achieve each pose takes time and patience. Rushing into a pose could be dangerous and have irreversible repercussions.

So, take your time, practice, start out with the basics like back and side poses while experimenting with lighting and camera angles.

Watch for cues

Understanding and paying close attention to your baby’s cues can prevent bub from unsettling mid pose.

Look for little noises that say, ‘I’m working up to a cry’. If these signals are ignored, baby will yell. Look for squirming and wriggling that says I’m uncomfortable.

tips for photographing newborns
Moffatt Photography

Lastly, when bub’s breathing gets a bit heavier as their eyes move back and forth behind their closed eyelids, it’s a good indication a smile is on its way, so have your camera ready!

The Wonders of Photoshop

A lot of the amazing newborn imagery is actually composites, essentially two or more images that have been combined in Photoshop to create a final image.

tips for taking photographs of newborns
Moffatt Photography


Never put bub in any position that requires them to hold or prop themselves up. This includes the Froggy Pose and Potato Sack Pose. If an image looks impossible, it probably is.

There are thousands of Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. Do your research first and don’t take any chances with the health or safety of bub.


Calm photographers create calm babies.

It is essential photographers leave any stress at the front door, focus all their energy on the baby and just breathe.

tips for photographing newborns
Moffatt Photography


Be in that moment. Taking deep calming breaths will help you and bub relax and create a far easier session for everyone involved.

Sandra Moffatt is an award winning newborn photographer.

An industry expert, Sandra specialises in handling and working with newborns, and is known around the world for her unique and creative style.

To learn more about Sandra, visit

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