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Clear the Clutter with These Easy Storage Ideas

Clear the Clutter with These Easy Storage Ideas

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I came across this meme on my newsfeed yesterday and laughed as it resonated with me in more ways than one.

I still feel like I haven’t gotten into the swing of things this year. January I can forgive myself as the kids are still running around the house on school holidays, February…well, we’re just not given enough days…and so March, you’re the chosen month where I get organised!

My main issue is clutter. Being a family of five means that everyone seems to have so much stuff, and if we don’t keep on top of putting things away as we go (which let’s face it…nobody does) the mess soon mounts up and can become overwhelming.

So, as any good procrastinator would do, I wasted spent some time on Pinterest looking for ideas on how I can make better use of the space we have and ensure that everything has a place.

Image source
Image source
Image source

Jam jars are a great and versatile storage solution. These little babies sure can make a difference in de-cluttering the pantry, kitchen, office or bathroom!

My favourite use is for my make-up brushes and on the kids’ desk to store their million pens and pencils. And they are super cheap if you know where to look. I found these ones in Cheap as Chips.

Image source

Ah, my favourite kind of storage…under the bed storage! It is seriously the best thing ever…no space is wasted and you can hide it from the rest of the world!

Image source

They are perfect for those items that are constantly found in different places around the house, like wrapping paper, craft supplies and toys that no one really uses anymore, but no one can bring themselves to throw out!

Cheap as Chips are selling these storage containers at crazy prices. So if you find that the kitchen cupboards are getting out of control or the kid’s bedrooms are unrecognisable with clutter – then I promise you won’t regret buying a couple of these storage tubs.

It makes a massive difference to the whole house when things are stored away.


Image source
Image source

I can’t remember the last time I walked through my house without tripping on one of my kids’ shoes or toy cars. Cheap as Chips have a 10 tier shoe rack available for only $20, and it holds 27 pairs!!

I know this would be a great asset in my garage and save a lot of wardrobe space…as well as lower the chance of me twisting an ankle! The 8 unit cube or 12 unit cube storage shelving is perfect for larger toys, board games, school supplies, DVDs, and will still leave plenty of room for everything in between such as photo albums, books or files.

I also love these products… they are not only excellent storage solutions, but spruce up the house at the same time!

How do you tackle clutter in your home?


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