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“My Boyfriend Eats 67 McDonald’s Burgers In One Go – Should I Be Worried?”

“My Boyfriend Eats 67 McDonald’s Burgers In One Go – Should I Be Worried?”


One woman has voiced her concern over her boyfriend’s ability to consume copious amounts of junk food in one sitting. She’s wondering if she has a right to be concerned. Does she?

Sharing to discussion forum Reddit, the woman said that although her boyfriend weighed just 68kg he still consumes a ridiculous amount of fast food. She says he once ate 67 McDonald’s “double” burgers in one sitting – and put away 21 KFC family meals during another “challenge”.

It all began on their first date where he impressed her by eating 50 Mecca’s burgers back to back. And for all those playing at home that’s around 18,894 calories! The recommended daily intake is 2,500.

The boyfriend himself is quite proud of his achievements so she doesn’t want to burst his little bubble of pride, even though she admits to feeling ‘weirded out’ by his eating sessions.

In her Reddit post she wrote they’d been dating for four months:

“He is a wonderful guy in just about every way,” she said. “But the one thing that’s always weirded me out is his love of competitive eating. He is really into it. So happy.  On our first date, after a wonderful dinner and conversation, he asked me how many McDoubles from McDonald’s I thought he could eat.

When I said I didn’t know, he bragged he could eat 50 in one sitting. Before I realised what was happening, we were sitting in a McDonald’s and he had ordered 50 burgers. Over the course of an hour he proceeded to eat EVERY ONE of those burgers. And this was after he ate a whole meal at another restaurant. I was kind of weirded out, but he was so proud of himself and so happy that I only commented that I was impressed. (He had such a big smile on his face). Like I said, he’s a wonderful guy, and very sweet and kind. But I just don’t know how to deal with this eating thing.”

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the woman went on to outline some of his other junk food binges:

  • He increased from 50 to 67 McDonald’s burgers in one sitting.
  • He “won some challenge where he ate 21 KFC family meals”.
  • He’s “trying to beat his personal record of 103 Krispy Kreme donuts”.
  • He “openly wonders how many of each meal he could eat at once” whenever they go out for dinner.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend says he’d like to find “a way to make a living from this sport” and sees nothing wrong with his junk food binges.

“I’m very non confrontational and hate awkward conversations. Also, I definitely don’t want to end things between us,” she continued.“Oh, and if you’re wondering, he’s not a big guy. He’s probably 177cm and 68kg. “I don’t know how often he gets health checks and bloodwork. He told me that his doctor said he’s ok, but I don’t know the specifics.”

Reddit commenters were quick to point out that she had every right to feel concerned and that “eating 67 burgers in one sitting will kill him.”

“Just because he is average or even skinny, does not mean this is healthy,” said another. “He will have heart disease at a young age. And, even if his weight is fine at 28, he will likely be obese if he continues binge-eating.”

What do you think? Does she have a right to be concerned?

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