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Mother-In-Law Becomes Surrogate For Her Own Grandson!

Mother-In-Law Becomes Surrogate For Her Own Grandson! A 50 year old woman gave the ultimate gift to her son and his wife by offering to carry their child! Patty Resecker, from Texarkana offered to be a surrogate for her daughter in law as she was unable to carry her own child. Daughter-in-law Kayla Jones, 20 … Continued

“My MIL Insists on Inviting My Husband’s Ex to My Baby Shower!”

What would you do if your mother-in-law insisted on inviting your husband’s ex to your baby shower? One pregnant woman has found herself in this uncomfortable and stressful situation, and has turned to the internet for advice on how to deal with it. AITA for not wanting my MIL to invite my husband’s ex to … Continued

MIL’s Prank at Gender Reveal Leaves Pregnant Woman in Tears

An expectant mum has taken to the internet for advice and support after her mother-in-law pulled a prank at her gender reveal party. Whilst it’s unclear whether the older woman’s intentions were misguided or malicious, her son’s wife was left heartbroken and confused. I’ll try to make this short. I have 2 children (both boys).. … Continued

“My Mum Thinks She Has the Right to Name Our Child!”

One man has taken to Reddit to ask if he took things a little too far after his mother tried to railroad his pregnant wife into using the names that she herself had chosen for their unborn baby. Whilst it’s not unusual for family members to throw in their two-cents worth and not-so-subtly mention names … Continued

“I Told My Daughter-in-Law That Her Daughter Will Grow Up Depressed if She Doesn’t Dress Her in Frills and Tutus!”

We’ve come across some bizarre mother-in-law behaviour in the past, but this takes the interfering and overbearing stereotype to a whole new level. What’s more, she is totally oblivious to any wrongdoing. In fact, when she shared her issue recently with Redditors she did so clearly expecting to be vindicated. Some background, I(f65) raised 4 … Continued

“My MIL Wants to Honour Her Miscarriages at My Wedding in Quite a Disturbing Way, How Do I Tell Her No?”

Trigger warning: Miscarriage and stillbirth Although miscarriages are relatively common, the pain of losing a child at any stage of a pregnancy can be extremely difficult. Unfortunately, some women suffer the unthinkable heartbreak of multiple miscarriages and stillbirths. Losing a baby in pregnancy due to miscarriage or stillbirth is still a taboo subject, and too … Continued