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Marzena Hair Lightener For Body and Face Review (plus Giveaway)

Marzena Hair Lightener For Body and Face Review Sponsored post Whoever invented body hair has a lot to answer for! Whilst some lucky ducks might flaunt their downy-white barely-there hair, others of us have to put up with very-obviously-there-all-over-their-arms kind of hair! Now I know it’s natural, and women have as much right as men … Continued

Home Build Update: Bedroom Storage Ideas

Home Build Update: Bedroom Storage Ideas Sponsored post As I mentioned last week when I shared our tile selection for the ensuite, I’ve already started to think about storage options for the bedroom. With a fairly sizable walk in robe, I’m planning on keeping the bedroom free from clutter and keeping all of the drawers … Continued

Best EVER Chicken Caeser Salad Recipe

Best EVER Chicken Caesar Salad Before you breeze right on by this recipe because you know what Caesar Salad is and it’s no big deal and you know how to make it, I implore you to stop and read on for this is the best Chicken Caesar Salad. I LOVE Caesar Salad and I order … Continued

8 Kid-Friendly Homeware Décor Pieces

The moment your baby starts to crawl and climb, is the time to put away those home décor pieces you’d hate to see smashed or broken. Of course, it’s also important to teach our kids not to touch special items in the house and in other people’s homes too.  But, if you have a heirloom vase … Continued

Book Week Parenting Hack – Expert Level: Genius

Next week is Book Week! Which means one of two things – you are either reading this with a smug look on your face, safe in the knowledge that you have your little darlings costume sorted, or now that I come to mention it, you do have a vague recollection of your child handing you … Continued

10 Upcycle Projects for Nappy Boxes

With a baby and toddler in nappies, we have accumulated quite the nappy box collection. Instead of cutting them up to be put in the recycling bin, I went on the hunt for some ways the nappy boxes can be reused. Nappy Boxes are sturdy and are an easy size to work with. Here are … Continued

WATCH: Porcupines Recipe (Gluten, Egg, Refined Sugar & Dairy Free)

Porcupines (Gluten, Egg, Refined Sugar & Dairy Free) Time: 25 Minutes, Serves : 4 Print Yum WATCH: Porcupines Recipe (Gluten, Egg, Refined Sugar & Dairy Free) Ingredients500g Beef Mince Pinch Salt & Pepper 1 Tbsp parsley stalks 3 Spring Onions (trimmed) 1 tsp lemon rind 1 Cup Basmati Rice 750ml Passata 400g Chopped Tinned Tomatoes … Continued

Clever Ways to Store Kids Artwork

If your bench is getting cluttered with kids artwork, it’s time to get it sorted. The sheer volume of artwork produced at Kindy and School and brought home for display is quite daunting and if you have a few kids in school, the paper trail can really pile up. Your kids take pride in their artwork … Continued

HUGE Toy Giveaway – Plus Our Top 5 Favourite Moose Toys

Our Top 5 Favourite Moose Toys These Easter holidays the Woo, Foghorn and Bubble have had a blast ‘toy testing’ some of the Moose Toy range so that we can share our favourite with you. Trash Packs There is no denying it – like most children of their age, my kids delight in anything gross.  … Continued

No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake Recipe

Whether you need a quick no-fuss dessert for an afternoon catch up, or if you want to impress dinner party guests with your culinary prowess – this amazing No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake recipe may be just the ticket.  No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake Recipe Nutella has definitely earned its place on the treat shelf in most homes. My … Continued

How to Organise Your Kitchen Cupboards and Pantry Space

  Image source: Alicia Lane Home Organise Your Kitchen in Four Easy Steps The amount of items we store in our kitchen cabinets is mind boggling and can make the kitchen harder to organise than any other space in the house. It’s also very easy to stock pile items in hidden corners and overlook out … Continued

10 Tips for Breaking Sugar Addiction

image source It’s the sweetest of drugs: refined white crystals that get all of us sugar high and happy. As humans we’re wired to enjoy sweet things: breast milk is sweet, and sweetness denotes ripeness in fruit. The problem is the vast abundance of sugar in today’s world. From regular sucrose to high fructose corn … Continued

The Magic of Family Photograph Albums

  One of the things my sister and I loved to do when we were younger, was to look through the family photo albums together. Often when I visit my family on the Gold Coast I will still drag out those big heavy books and spend a happy hour lying on the carpet flicking through … Continued

Ten Surefire Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother

Image source Ten SureFire Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother “Have you got any tampons at home?” I turn my head slightly, eyes darting off the freeway. I am just in time to catch the look of death my almost-twelve year old niece is giving me, shuffling as close to the door as she … Continued

Four Steps Towards Safer Gaming

You’re in the video store. Your child, 10, grabs Saving Private Ryan off of the shelf and waving it at you, asks to borrow it. Without thinking you hand over the DVD, pay the rental fee and head on home. I’m sure you’re looking at this in disbelief. Saving Private Ryan is rated MA15+ and … Continued

Escape from Gangnam

I was standing at the kitchen bench yesterday peeling the veggies for dinner, with the start of a headache on the horizon. Maybe it was due to the distinct lack of sleep the night before or the fact that Hubbster had lit the woodfire, all I knew it was growing in intensity. As I reached … Continued

8 Counterintuitive Food Tricks To Help You Lose Weight

Image source Here are some counterintuitive food tips to help you lose weight. You might be surprised by how eating can help you shed those kilograms! Stop counting your calories. Most weight loss plans will tell you to count calories, but it’s not really a good way to help you lose weight. Here’s why: a … Continued

Easy Peasy Edible Easter Art

With just one school day to go until the Easter break, the count down until the Easter bunny comes to visit is well and truly on! Instead of breaking out the Micador art supplies at the kitchen table today whilst I cooked dinner, I turned instead to some edible Easter-inspired creative fun. Loaded up with … Continued


  Pinterest needs to come with warning labels. Something along the lines of “If you are a damn idiot in the kitchen DO NOT TRY THIS. Don’t be fooled. It may look easy, but it’s no-ot!” And levels. You should have to “level up” to be able to see certain things on there. Like, Oh, … Continued

Sequins and Sand

After a week of drama and stress, it is time to get back into gear and knuckle back down to doing what I love – blogging! So, it is with more than a little excitement that I share some more good news with you. You are now looking at the new Sequins and Sand Holiday … Continued

Ready for School: Reading with Kids

Ideas to Help Your Child Be Ready for School In my house, we love school holidays. Summer holidays mean sleep-ins, catch-ups and down-time, long lunches and late nights. It’s fun, and restful and a nice break from running around between school, kinder, sports and play-dates. Although it is tempting to just sit and play for … Continued

Book Review: One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

You know how when you see a good movie you then go out and buy the DVD so you can watch it over and over again? You pull it out knowing that even though you already know what’s going to happen, how the story line goes and how it ends, you’ll still enjoy it re-watching … Continued

Shopping for Shoes Has Never Been Easier Thanks to Styletread

  As any shoe-loving woman worth her salt knows, your footwear can make or break an outfit. As we step into the party season many of us will be looking for something special to wear over the festive season. I’ll be honest. I love, love, love shoes, but I am not so enthusiastic about traipsing … Continued